Dirty Feet Femdom

Male slaves licking and cleaning dirty feet

Mistress Katja sits on a chair and has her slave laying on the ground in front of her next to her gorgeous feet. His hands are bound together and she enjoys rubbing her stinky feet across his face. She slaps him with her soles and makes him lick the dirt right off them while she taunts and humiliates him.

Lady Vanna and her Girlfriend April find it absolutely disgusting and pathetic that someone is into feet. You are not a real man because you are not loving tits or pussies, you just love feet - that's pathetic! The humiliate you and keep laughing at you all the time knowing that you are dying to worship them in real but it will never happen...

Lady Weronika and Mistress Anja are having their slave kneeling on the ground as they are turned around having their sexy soles held right in front of his face! They are black and dirty and the slave is told to stick his tongue out to start a good licking job. His reward will be to get the honor of kissing their royal feet on the other side...

Mistress Lady Katja is sitting on a white chair as her slave is laying under it. She makes him kiss, lick and suck all the dirt off her sexy feet as she commands him to swallow the dirt. She keeps rubbing her soles over his face again and again and visibly enjoys him laying under her totally out of control and humiliated by her feet...

Mistress Mackayla's feet are dirty! She rubs them all over the muddy ground and laughs at you because you will have to clean them with your tongue. Her pink toenails are shining out between the covering mud and she commands you to suck each toe clean. After that her soles are waiting for you! And you know that she also wants them cleaned with your tongue - you also have to swallow all the dirt for her...

Maeva forces her slave to lick her old dirty sneakers clean at a picnic ground where everyone passing by can see his humiliation. But not only her shoes are dirty - her socks too! So after he cleaned the sneakers she takes them off and presents her dirty stinky socks which he has to smell and lick too!

Mistress Cathy took you into a toilet stall where she shows you her dirt covered bare feet - which you'll clean! She tells you that she already walked on this dirty toilet floor without shoes - who knows what's on this floor? And you'll know suck all that disgusting dirt of your mistresses' feet!

Mistress Katja bound her slave next to a bar stool where she can sit on. She instructs him to lick her dirty foot soles clean which he does immediately of course. He knows his mistress won't let him go until her feet are absolutely spotless clean!

This cute 19 year old chick looks so innocent but can be a real bitch. She forces her slave to lick her muddy pink converse shoes clean while she's verbally humiliating him. And if he doesn't do it right she'll use her dirty shoes to kick his balls!

Mistress Weronika didn't give her slave any food in days and bound him so he's unable to move. Cruelly she sits down on a couch next to him and eats her lunch - teasing the slave with the tasty food. Of course the slave begs her for mercy and the mistress agrees to give him some food if he licks her dirty feet clean. Without hesitation the slave agrees and starts to lick her extremely dirty feet - which are nearly black. After he cleaned her feet perfectly she just laughs at him, throws some food on the floor and crushes it under her feet. He's allowed to eat it directly from her feet!

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