Dirty Feet Femdom

Male slaves licking and cleaning dirty feet

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Sexy mistresses get together to lick some dirty feet. One climbs on her knees to start the foot worship. She takes each toe and suck them until they are both shiny and dirt free. She is trying to teach these young girls who want to know how to perfectly lick dirty feet how it's suppose to be done. The feet are covered with her saliva but feels so good to the young girl she is giving the licking to

Mistress Weronika, also known as the polish Mistress and her younger sister Anja are sitting on a couch. Both girls are showing off their pretty soles which are really black because of dirt! The girls are having fun since they know how much attracted you are by watching their dirty feet - it's also disgusting that someone likes feet and much more if they are dirty - but they found it amusing as long as they get their feet worshipped and licked clean...

This two cute girls are the polish mistress Weronika and her Sister Anja. Both girls are sitting on their chairs as they rub their dirty feet over the slaves face. They taunt him and tell him that he should lick their dirty soles clean! He tries to do his best job and both girls are really amused and laugh as they humiliate him with their dirty soles...

Lady Weronika and Mistress Anja are having their slave kneeling on the ground as they are turned around having their sexy soles held right in front of his face! They are black and dirty and the slave is told to stick his tongue out to start a good licking job. His reward will be to get the honor of kissing their royal feet on the other side...

Mistress Weronika didn't give her slave any food in days and bound him so he's unable to move. Cruelly she sits down on a couch next to him and eats her lunch - teasing the slave with the tasty food. Of course the slave begs her for mercy and the mistress agrees to give him some food if he licks her dirty feet clean. Without hesitation the slave agrees and starts to lick her extremely dirty feet - which are nearly black. After he cleaned her feet perfectly she just laughs at him, throws some food on the floor and crushes it under her feet. He's allowed to eat it directly from her feet!

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