Dirty Feet Femdom

Male slaves licking and cleaning dirty feet

This mistress is cunning. She knows that there are some games she is pretty good at and that she can easily win against most people. So she likes to make bets with them and in so doing, get them to do things for her that they never expected they would do. Today she won the bet and she made this guy lick her boots until they were clean. They were muddy before.

Mistress Leona and mistress Candy did not like how secretive this slave girl was. It made them think and feel that she had some things to hide and that she was planning something sinister against them. They did not like that and they had to punish him for it. That is why they made her lick muddy shoes for her to understand that they did not want her to continue that habit.

Mistress Suzanna and her friend mistress Anna had asked their farmhand to take care of their farm while they were out of town for a few days. But he did not take their instructions seriously and he forgot to do some of the things they asked him to do. They did not want losses as a result of his negligence and so they used muddy boots to trample and humiliate him. He even had to lick them.

This guy was married but he still wanted to have sex with lady Kimah. He wanted to have an affair with her which she was not ready for and she told him. But instead of respecting her decision, he tried to make her agree to do it with her. She became pissed and she trampled him to pump some sense into his head and for him to learn to stick to his wife.

This guy was a shoe thief. He knew the best designer shoes which had good resale value and that is why he always did his best to lay his hands on them. He noticed that mistress Dula and her friend had plenty of such shoes and he had to have them. But they were sly and they caught him in the act. He was then humiliated and punished using the very shoes he wanted to steal.

Mistress Madison was not in the mood to talk and her slave did not understand that. He tried to chat her up and she told him she was not in the mood. He thought he was cheering her up by trying to talk to her but he ended up pissing her off even more. So the mistress made him lick her dirty feet to keep him occupied and to have him shut up.

As mistress Van Licks and her friends were enjoying their quiet time in the woods, this guy appeared from nowhere and he tried to join them. They politely declined but he did not want to leave them alone. He ended up pissing them off and that is how he found himself being made to lick their feet and being turned into a foot slave by the mistresses. He never repeated that.

This mistress did not understand why this guy was being rude to her. She had not talked to him and she did not know him. She did not have any beef with him and so it was weird for him to be rude to her. She ignored him but he was rude to her again and this time she could not take it. The mistress humiliated him by making him a foot slave and having him lick dirty feet.

Goddess Yasemin was pissed at how her friend had been humiliated. She had to punish the guy and make him learn not to do that to other people. So the mistress forced him to lick the soles of her boots as well as to lick the dirty floor. Her friend sat there watching as goddess Yasemin humiliated him. The friend loved what she saw and she joined in the punishment.

Lady Despina knows how to use dirty feet to dominate but her friend did not. Her friend wanted to learn how to do it and the mistress agreed to help her do it. So the two of them got together and they had fun doing it. They used dirty feet to humiliate the guy and to make him learn that they were not people to be messed with. Her friend enjoyed and appreciated the lesson.

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