Dirty Feet Femdom

Male slaves licking and cleaning dirty feet

This cute 19 year old chick looks so innocent but can be a real bitch. She forces her slave to lick her muddy pink converse shoes clean while she's verbally humiliating him. And if he doesn't do it right she'll use her dirty shoes to kick his balls!

Mistress Weronika didn't give her slave any food in days and bound him so he's unable to move. Cruelly she sits down on a couch next to him and eats her lunch - teasing the slave with the tasty food. Of course the slave begs her for mercy and the mistress agrees to give him some food if he licks her dirty feet clean. Without hesitation the slave agrees and starts to lick her extremely dirty feet - which are nearly black. After he cleaned her feet perfectly she just laughs at him, throws some food on the floor and crushes it under her feet. He's allowed to eat it directly from her feet!

Russian mistress Katja has filthy soles after walking around in the garden without shoes. Fortunately she has her personal foot slave who can now lick her feet clean again. She ordered him to lie down under a chair, sits down on top of it and sticks her dirty feet right into his face. She won't let him go until he cleaned every tiny spot on her feet with his tongue!

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