Dirty Feet Femdom

Male slaves licking and cleaning dirty feet

Mistress Morrigan likes to humiliate people who do not meet her standards and those who do not do as she instructs them. The mistress needed to dominate this guy today and she made sure that he licked her smelly socks. In addition to that, she make him suck her toes. By the time she was done with him, she had managed to make him do what she wanted and he learned his lesson.

Mistress Jacky needed to humiliate her slave but she had run out of ideas on how to do it. As she was about to give up and drop the idea, she realized that she had dirty feet and they were the best way for her to humiliate the slave. So she did not hesitate to do so and she had him lick them clean. She weaponized her dirty feet and made them the perfect weapon to humiliate him.

Mistress Vee had dirty feet and she had them on purpose. She felt that she needed to humiliate her slave and she did it with the dirty feet. She lay on her bed and she had him lick them as she instructed him on what to do. He had thought that she had called him to talk to him but it turned out it was to humiliate him and with dirty feet for that matter.

Lady Nightfrozen had a new slave and she taught him how to lick. She did this because she wanted to be able to make him do certain things and she did not know when that licking prowess would come in handy. So she wanted to be prepared just in case and that is exactly what she did to the guy. He licked her feet and sucked her toes as per her instructions.

When it comes to dominating people, few can hold a candle to this mistress. She had kept her cool but this guy kept bothering her. He thought she could not retaliate but when she did, he wished he had never even met her. He also blamed himself for it as the mistress trampled him and made him lick the soles of her dirty sneakers. He never bothered her again after that.

This slave thought that he could anything he wanted but mistress Eva had to teach him that that was not the case. So she had him lick her feet and after he was done, he had to lick the soles of her shoes. He was humiliated as he had never such a thing before but he did not have a choice or a say and that is when he learned his place.

Goddess Katrina had beef with her slave and she knew that she needed to send a cruel message. She did so using her smelly feet and made sure that the guy learned never to piss anyone off. The mistress sat back and watched as he struggled to lick her feet. She told him that he had brought the punishment and humiliation on himself and so he had to blame no one but himself.

Knowing that she had dirty and smelly socks, mistress DirtyQueenPenelopa used them to humiliate. She knew that her slave would choke on them and would feel humiliated and degraded if he was asked to lick them. So she forced him to do it and she did not care what he felt as she did her thing. The mistress also crushed food with her bare feet and she made him eat from both the floor and her feet.

When this mistress realized that her slave was being a bother, she called him to where she was resting and she forced him to lick her feet. She instructed him to suck her toes as well as lick her feet. He could not say no as he knew it would be an invitation for him to get an even worse punishment from the mistress. So he did things her way.

Mistress Valentina had a slave who was a bit unruly. She did not like that and she had to make him realize that she was the boss and that she was the one who called the shots. So the mistress used her feet to humiliate him. The poor guy was shocked as he was forced to lick and smell her shoes as well as her bare feet. He had never been as humiliated as he was that day.

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