Dirty Feet Femdom

Male slaves licking and cleaning dirty feet

Knowing that she had dirty and smelly socks, mistress DirtyQueenPenelopa used them to humiliate. She knew that her slave would choke on them and would feel humiliated and degraded if he was asked to lick them. So she forced him to do it and she did not care what he felt as she did her thing. The mistress also crushed food with her bare feet and she made him eat from both the floor and her feet.

When this mistress realized that her slave was being a bother, she called him to where she was resting and she forced him to lick her feet. She instructed him to suck her toes as well as lick her feet. He could not say no as he knew it would be an invitation for him to get an even worse punishment from the mistress. So he did things her way.

Mistress Valentina had a slave who was a bit unruly. She did not like that and she had to make him realize that she was the boss and that she was the one who called the shots. So the mistress used her feet to humiliate him. The poor guy was shocked as he was forced to lick and smell her shoes as well as her bare feet. He had never been as humiliated as he was that day.

Mistress Dula heard of the things that this guy had done to her friends and she was not ok with it. She told them that they had to collectively humiliate him. So the mistress told them that the best way to do it was to trample and punish him with dirty feet. That is what they did and they made him feel pain on every inch of his body. He dropped his bigoted habits.

Mistress Chloe wanted her slave to know that she was not the kind of person who tolerated mediocrity. The mistress did not like how the guy acted and she did not like how mediocre he was. So she had to punish him and she did it with her high heels as well as her dirty feet femdom. She smoked as he licked the soles of her high heel boots while he was naked. He learned his lesson and never repeated his mistake.

Mistress Theona does not have any time for nosy people. When she noticed that this girl was nosy, she told her to stop it and explained to her why it was not ok to be nosy. But the girl did not care and she chose to do whatever she wanted irrespective of what the mistress asked her to do. She got pissed and she turned her into a foot slave and she had her lick her dirty soles.

These guys had told mistress Van Licks and her friends lady Black Diamoond and lady Adora how good they were and how they were going to rock their world. But it did not work out that way and the mistresses felt cheated. So they had to punish the guys to make them stop lying. They took them to the woods and trampled them besides making them lick dirty soles and feet.

Lady Irisa is the kind of person who does not mess around with people. When she is mad, she will tell you she is mad or she will show you she is mad. Today this guy pissed her off and she took out her anger on some food which she crushed with her feet. The guy was shocked as she did it. The mistress told him that if he was not careful, that would be him next time.

Lady Scarlet was asked by her friends to help them punish this guy who had tried to hit on both of them. He had approached them separately and he hit on them. The mistresses found out that they were seeing the same guy and it pissed them off and they had to punish him. Lady Scarlet did not like what the guy had done and so she agreed to join them and they all used dirty feet femdom to punish him.

Mistress Salma was told of the things that her girl had been doing and she did not like it. She did her own investigations and found the allegations and accusations to be true, So she confronted the girl and when she denied the allegations, she provided evidence and then proceeded to punish her and make sure she never lied to anyone ever again. She did not want such characters working in her business.

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