Dirty Feet Femdom

Male slaves licking and cleaning dirty feet

All articles tagged with "Sock Smelling"

Lady Kara loves having her dirty feet licked and smelled by losers and slaves. Today she wanted her sweaty socks to be licked so she made this loser do it. She made him remove his clothes and remain with only his boxer before she made him lick and smell her dirty and stinky socks. They were dirty and smelly but she did not care. He had no choice but to do as told.

Jenny makes Carsten lick her dirty filthy feet clean. It's not like he doesn't wants to do that for her since he has a little foot fetish but after he lost the bet he has no choice. So it's not a question of erotic pleasures but more a question about "how to humiliate him the most". After he has eaten up the dirty he actually lapped up from her sexy soles, she made him suck the sweat out of her socks! Where will this end...

Maeva forces her slave to lick her old dirty sneakers clean at a picnic ground where everyone passing by can see his humiliation. But not only her shoes are dirty - her socks too! So after he cleaned the sneakers she takes them off and presents her dirty stinky socks which he has to smell and lick too!

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