Dirty Feet Femdom

Male slaves licking and cleaning dirty feet

All articles tagged with "Dirty Shoes Worship"

Mistress Nataly wanted her feet licked and she managed to get that done. She got this loser to lick the soles of her dirty feet for her fun and enjoyment. She was making the guy do it because she felt like it and not because he had done anything wrong to her. He scratched his head to try and get an answer but he did not get any from him.

Mistress Lydie walks through the forest and notices that her ankle boots have become quite dirty. She tells her slave to lay on the ground and begins to rub her shoes all over his face to make him lick the dirt off the expensive shoes. His tongue is already black because of the dirt but she continues merciless to rub her shoes over his tongue...

Maeva forces her slave to lick her old dirty sneakers clean at a picnic ground where everyone passing by can see his humiliation. But not only her shoes are dirty - her socks too! So after he cleaned the sneakers she takes them off and presents her dirty stinky socks which he has to smell and lick too!

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