Dirty Feet Femdom

Male slaves licking and cleaning dirty feet

All articles tagged with "Dreamgirls In Socks"

Destiny serves up a humiliating punishment to her loser foot slave. Dressed in a sexy nurses outfit and long black boots Destiny climbs on the counter and orders him to lick her boots shiny clean. As her stinky feet are taken out she spits in her foot slave's face and makes him sniff her toes and to start licking her feet.

Cassandra just returned from a party and her slave will now start to lick the dirty soles of her shoes clean! After he cleaned her shoes he'll lick her sweaty feet too! He has to suck and lick the sweat off her foot soles and toes!

Jenny makes Carsten lick her dirty filthy feet clean. It's not like he doesn't wants to do that for her since he has a little foot fetish but after he lost the bet he has no choice. So it's not a question of erotic pleasures but more a question about "how to humiliate him the most". After he has eaten up the dirty he actually lapped up from her sexy soles, she made him suck the sweat out of her socks! Where will this end...

Samantha is a pretty young and dominant mistress that actually loves to command guys like puppets and make them do humiliating thing for her. This time she makes one guy first smell and inhale her stinky shoes from inside. Then she makes him lick her dirty soles clean. She makes sure he licks in between each of her toes and swallows all the filthy dirt after that.

Mikaila belongs to the most beautiful dominatrices I have ever seen. She is young, arrogant, snobby, demanding and loves to humiliate men. Look at her as she makes this guy smell her boots from inside. After that she rubs her nylon feet all over his face and as reward she shoves her toes into his mouth...

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